The first Mr. and Ms. BPO aims to promote the Philippines as the BPO capital of the world. Among its other
objectives are to instill good values and uplift the morale of the employees. The event will also create diversified
activities to strengthen the camaraderie and leadership of its candidates.

The Mr. and Ms. BPO is presented in a pageant format and will develop its candidates in a holistic approach.
The winners will serve as ambassadors of the industry and they will undergo mentoring and coaching
from premier and formidable trainers in their respective industries, This will comprise of physical fitness,
communication skills, Emotional Intelligence acumen, just to name a few.

Mr. and Ms. BPO will serve as a platform that could open the eyes of the workforce towards cooperation
and leadership for a better society and nation building.

The first Mr. and Ms. BPO is a concept and production of Royale Chimes Concerts and Events Inc.